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Phoenix ABC 

Are a customer led highly competitive designer and manufacturer of automatic beerline cleaning systems delivering quality, service and pride in everything we do.
Our highly trained and specialised team of service and installation engineers are always on hand to offer professional and friendly advice on all topics of beer dispense.
We do not employ the services of costly commission agents or salaried sales people and our low prices reflect this fact. Having had over 30 years experience in the industry, we pride ourselves in having the simplest and least expensive truly automatic 'traditional' beerline cleaning system on the market today.
We can also lay claim to having designed and developed the Telmar LC10 and Telmar Kombi automatic line cleaning systems.

Career Opportunities

Due to an ever increasing national customer base, Phoenix ABC are constantly seeking service engineers of the highest calibre.
For further details, please contact margaret@phoenixabc.com
Phoenix ABC are an equal opportunities employer.










Easier Beer Line Cleaning • Less Waste