What Is Fobbing?

Where beer lines are not regularly or properly cleaned, it can result in fobbing. This makes delivery of product difficult and time consuming at the tap. In extreme cases, as much as 5% over measure can be drawn in order to fill the glass with a presentable pint!

When this occurs it is costly in both your time and product wastage! The graph below demonstrates how only ONE contaminated line dispensing just 20 pints per day can have a detrimental effect on keg yield.

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The graph shows that one contaminated line dispensing just 5% over measure to compensate for fobbing will lose 20 FLUID OUNCES per working day.
That results in a total loss of 140 fluid ounces over a one week period.
140 fluid ounces is 7 pints.
At current UK prices, 7 pints of beer at an average of £2.30 a pint will result in a loss of £16.10 per week And that's for one line only! How many of your lines are fobbing?
Our system can stop fobbing, which means you'll save money and serve a consistent pint every time.


Easier Beer Line Cleaning • Less Waste