How it Works


In the Cellar

Our cellar unit is easy to use. We can train any of your members of staff to use it.
It is also extremely safe. There's no need to pour hazardous detergent chemicals as the cellar unit picks up the solution direct from the bottle.
Once you have set everything up in the bar connect your keg coupler to your cleaning ring main the way you normally do.
All you need to do now is switch the unit on and press the green "autoclean" button. The cellar unit will then clean up to 10 lines in 45 minutes. You don't need to do anything other than check that your FOB chambers are bled to the top.










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Crystal Clear FOBs

This picture illustrates the result of a line clean after using the Phoenix ABC system.
Now you can have your FOB chambers looking sparkling, bright and clean which means serving your customers pints of beer in perfect condition.







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In The Bar

This is a section of our fully fitted and plumbed-in Underbar Waste System. Note how neat and tidy the fittings are installed. They all interconnect with each other, the last one dropping down and fitted to a drainage point.
One end of the Waste Hose Connectors (supplied) are fitted to dispense heads and the one end plugs into the Waste System fitted directly underneath the bar.


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Easier Beer Line Cleaning • Less Waste