Wasting beer is unavoidable when cleaning your beer lines. But that doesn't have to be the case.


With the PhoenixABC beer line cleaning system, we provide 'Empty Keg Simulators' that allow you to sell most of the beer you normally have to throw away.


And because the system wastes a fraction of a pint when reconnecting your beers, you save there too.


Fobbing is also an issue that wastes beer. There are many reasons for it, but our system can help towards reducing that. Less beer in drip trays means more to sell.


We can help reduce your waste by at least 55% 

Less waste = more profit!


Can our system really increase yields and profits? This pub company has recorded an increase in keg yields


Having field trialled a number of products we decided to roll out the PhoenixABC system to all our bars. The effectiveness of the system, the attentiveness of the PhoenixABC staff and the commitment of the PhoenixABC Management all went to confirm our decision was right to install these systems. 

The quality improvement has been substantial, the savings we have made have been material and the control we have of the cleaning process enables us to provide a quality product as the brewer intended us to serve. The system's capability proved to us the considerable difference these machines make in comparison to manual cleaning and other cleaning systems we trialled.

Frederick Marshall, Operations Director, O'Sullivans Group

Click here to read the full report from O'Sullivans about how our system has been effective and, in their opinion, is superior to a manual line clean

Easier Beer Line Cleaning • Less Waste